About Us


We are e3seo, a customer focused search engine marketing company. We understand that we have no business without your business. We are about helping you with your online presence. We will strive to ensure that your business gets the service needed to improve visibility and traffic flow. To achieve this, we will analyze your site and inform you on what needs to be done to effectively compete in the online marketplace and make your site more search engine friendly.

 Businesses start and fail over the years but the one common denominator that has been noted among those that fail, is lack of cash flow which is likely caused by a lack of traffic, not enough customers finding your business online.

My name is Julian Smith,I have  lived in Kitchener for the past 35years. I am the owner of e3seo.com. Our goal here is to help you with your online customer traffic issues. Our goal is Excellence Exceeding Expectations in all we do.